Be Better Now Review for March 2015

Summary: Here's what's going on at Be Better Now including the next charity update and Posts of the Month

Each month, I give readers a sneak peak of some of the details that goes on behind the scenes at Be Better Now.

My life at the end of March is typically chaos... and this last month was no different.

There was an annual pharmacy convention (my wife's a large part of it) which is a week of travel. In the past, I would go with my wife and there would be little done (when am I going to get another chance to see the San Diego Zoo). In the future, I'll probably stay home with the kids (though an argument could be made they'd want to go to the zoo too). Either way, there's not going to be much work done.

In addition, I have a birthday at the end of March. Birthdays should be wonderful things, but they aren't when you are already a week behind. Finally, there's the looming April 15th tax deadline. As much work as I do in February, and it's dozens of hours, there's always more in March to do.

Enough kvetching (and enough Yiddish). Now you know why there haven't been many articles in March.

What's New at Be Better Now?

Usually, I have a few site enhancements to share. This month, I have nothing.

Why even mention it? I want to guilt myself into getting some enhancements for next month.

Overall, I'm happy with the look and feel of the website. I'd rather focus on increasing traffic. Which brings us to:

Be Better Now Traffic

I wrote a guest post over at Personal Income. It was a quick guide on how to become a millionaire.

Last month, Be Better Now had 346 visits for 568 page views according to Sitemeter. That's a drop off from February. However, the guest post on Personal Income came on March 31st, and brought 85 people on April 1st. People kept coming after that. So despite not publishing a post in April, traffic is already almost half-way to the February high.

Charity Update

Each month, Be Better Now gives money to charity. Last month, I gave money to the APhA foundation.

The amount that I donate is based on traffic to this website on a formula. That formula would have resulted in a 70 cent donation due to the small traffic. Instead of donating 70 cents, I donate $25 and they go back on the list for when traffic is more meaningful.

Next Month's Charity is...

Jimmy Fund

Baseball season is here. As a fan of Boston sports, my attention is on the Red Sox. If there is one charity people associate with the Red Sox, it is The Jimmy Fund. The Jimmy Fund is well-known in the Boston area, but for those of you who might not know of it here's a description from their "About Us" page:

"The Jimmy Fund solely supports Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, raising funds for adult and pediatric cancer care and research to improve the chances of survival for cancer patients around the world."

It seems the focus is on the pediatric cancer and if there's one thing I can get behind, it's helping kids with cancer.

In Case You Missed It...

Of course all the articles on Be Better Now are awesome. Some are just a little more awesome than others. For that reason I thought I'd use this space to highlight a few of the articles that you might have missed last month. And since I didn't I publish that many articles, it's going to be a short list:

As always, I am flying by the seat of my pants with this. Your feedback in the comments below is always tremendously appreciated.

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