Be Better Now Review for January 2015

Summary: Here's what's going on at Be Better Now including the next charity update and Posts of the Month (Tweet This!)

Each month, I thought I'd give readers a sneak peak of some of the details that goes on behind the scenes at Be Better Now. As this is the first report, I expect it to be a bit of a litmus test. Your feedback in the comments below is always appreciated.

(Usually the report will be earlier in the month. This one is almost the latest it can be because the 2nd Friday of the month falls on the 13th.)

What's New at Be Better Now

Because the website is so new, there's a lot of room for improvement. I wasn't keeping track of every improvement, because it hadn't occurred to me to write about them until just now.

Over the last month, there were a couple of major changes. I learned now to make nice rounded corners in HTML that should work in most any browser. So now you get nice blue bubbles in the section and article summaries as you can see here. It replaces a bright yellow box that had a dotted blue square border. Small changes make a big difference.

The bubble box redesign continued through to the search button, some tip boxes (such as the one here), and even the heading on the right column.

I've also added social bookmarking icons in the top right of the site. They've told me that they are lonely, so please play with them if you have the time.

I added related articles to the bottom of every article. I'm hoping that another article will catch your eye and you'll stay virtually trapped here forever enjoy learning something new.

I've still got a list of things that I'd like to do about a mile long. I've got to balance that with creating great articles that you'll love. However, I feel good knowing that the website is approximately 217% better than it was a month ago.

Be Better Now Traffic

In future months, the traffic report will (hopefully) be much more exciting. In January, I launched this site with almost no promotion and it looks like it.

I'm sure that sounds crazy. Why put all this work into it and not promote it?

Be Better Now wasn't where I wanted it to be for a big public launch. I want people to see a quality product that they love coming back to everyday. Be Better Now still isn't there. I'm not sure if it truly ever gets there. I think it is just an ongoing journey of improvement that I need to appreciate.

If you are reading this, consider yourself as one of the lucky few who knew Be Better Now "way back when." For January, Be Better Now had 257 visits for 407 page views according to Sitemeter.

Charity Update

Each month, Be Better Now gives money to charity. In January, I chose to give to Best Buddies. Tom Brady's charity to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The amount that I donate is based on traffic to this website on a formula. Unfortunately that formula would have me donating roughly 30 cents to the charity. I had an idea that would happen so it gets $25 now, and put to the front of the line when traffic gets to a level where they can expect a $200 check.

The not-so-subtle message, I am sending here is: Tell people about this website so we can make some money for charity.

Next Month's Charity is...

Washington Parkinsons Russell Wilson

After giving money to support Tom Brady's Best Buddies charity last month, it seems only right give money to something that Russell Wilson supports, the Washington Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association. If that seems a little random, Suzanna Eller, the President of Board of Directors, is an old friend of mine who I've kind of lost touch with.

So if I can give some money to worthy charity, connect with a friend, help a region with a tough loss, and show a little good sportsmanship... why not?

The only potential downside is that Suzanna has been extraordinary successful at everything she does. When I tell her about this, she'll probably send a flood of traffic taking down the site and my bank account. On the flipside, if traffic is once again too low to be significant, we'll do what we did with Brady's charity... send on the $25 and push it just under Brady for a future month when things pick up.

In Case You Missed It...

Of course all the articles on Be Better Now are awesome. Some are just a little more awesome than others. For that reason I thought I'd use this space to highlight a few of the articles that you might have missed last month:

With that, let's finally put January 2015 in the books. After all, it is already halfway through February!

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