I'd like to dedicate Be Better Now to the generations that surround me.

I dedicate it to my father. He died at the age of 45. I was 14. He gave me so much and I wasn't mature enough to realize it.

I dedicate it to my mother. From a very young age she taught me the value of stretching a dollar ($0.29 a pound for turkey!) as well as the power of compound interest. She continues to teach me countless things everyday.

I dedicate it to my wife. It should go without writing that this website wouldn't be possible without her support. Yet I need to write it. Honey, you know that famous "Footprints in the Sand" poem? You were the one who carried me.

I dedicate it to my two boys. Neither of you have celebrated your 3rd birthday as I write this. I'm far from perfect. There's a reason why this site isn't Be Perfect Now.

I hope to instill great morals, values, and knowledge in you so that you can live the best lives possible. I pray that you'll learn that living the best life is most often about helping others.