7 Tips to Eat Less and Lose Weight

Summary: These tips will help you lose weight by tricking you into eating less (Tweet This!)

Most people would agree that one of the keys to losing weight is simply eatting less food. If you weren't reading carefully, you may have missed I slipped a word in there... simply. For most people, there's really nothing simple to weight loss. This is one of the cases where knowing what to do is only 20% of the battle. It's extremely tough to stay on the wagon.

With that in mind here are some tips to help you eat less to lose weight:

  • Volumetrics - I used to dismiss this phenomenon as another diet fad. However, one day I looked in my cupboard and saw some microwave popcorn next to a can of peanuts. I realized that I could either a bag of popcorn, a little less than the size of my head, and only consume 100 calories in 15 minutes... or I could go through the 2 ounces of peanuts in about 25 seconds and consume 330 calories. That's not to saw that the peanuts are a bad food choice. Instead, there is something to be said for opting to choose a bigger food that takes longer to eat, while still being fewer calories.
  • Drink Water - Like the volumetrics above, water takes up space in the stomach. I try to have a big glass of water before I even start a meal. This way I've already occupied some stomach space with zero calories.
  • Eat Slower - Studies show that it cons the brain 10 minutes to register that it is getting full. By eating slower, you give more time for these signals to be sent. In fact, there are even smart forks, designed to help you eat slowly. Going back to the bag of popcorn verses the already shelled peanuts, the popcorn takes longer to eat and thus makes me fuller.
  • Imagine Eating More - If you just think you are eating more, you may trick your body... at least according to this study.
  • Smaller Plates I - With smaller plates you aren't going to be able to physically pack as much food on them.
  • Smaller Plates II - Deja vu? Yep. Follow me for a minute on this one. Which one of the orange dots is bigger?

    mond vergleich illusion

    You may be familiar with the optical illusion and answered that they are both the same size. If so, score yourself a point. Now think of the gray circles as the size of the plate. See... same amount orange dot food. On a larger plate you think you're not getting enough, but on a smaller plate your mind believes it's getting more to eat than it is.

  • Meal Measure Portion Control Tool - This plastic mold fits to your plates (unless you are using small ones as recommended above) to help you measure your portions.

If you combine a few of the tips above, you might find that losing weight is a little bit easier.

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7 Responses to “7 Tips to Eat Less and Lose Weight”
  1. Jennifer Says:

    Have you noticed how huge plates are at restaurants compared to 20 years ago? Even plates and bowls we buy for home use are huge. And what’s supersizing all about? No wonder Americans are so overweight.

  2. Brian Says:

    At restaurants, I immediately ask for a take-home container and put half the food in it… saves money and calories.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Same here…every restaurant meal is two meals for me. There’s no way I can eat the amount of food they put on a plate, especially when you factor in appetizers, which are a meal by themselves.

  4. Jefferson on attitude, and roundup | brip blap Says:

    […] 6 Tips to Eat Less and Lose Weight:  Volumetrics is the idea that you should simply eat larger volumes of less caloric food.  That, combined with drinking a lot of water, would seem to be a pretty solid basis of a diet that ‘tricks’ you into feeling fuller.  I just wonder if you can construct a varied diet using that trick.  I think drinking seltzer also helps, personally – the gas in it is, of course, non-caloric, and having a lot of fizzy water in your stomach does make you feel quite full. […]

  5. 11 Stay Young From the Inside Out Tips: Exercise Your Mind And Your Body /  thatgirlisfunny.com Says:

    […] @ BeBetterNow presents 6 Tips to Eat Less and Lose Weight posted at Be Better Now, saying, “Thank you for your […]

  6. Robert Says:

    Remember not to eat at least 3 hours before bed.

  7. MikeB Says:

    I feel like this is where I am right now, and I’ve been beating myself up quite a bit. When I really think about the progress I HAVE made then it helps a little.

    I just feel like I’ve been trying to stop eating sugar for the past 6 months and failing somewhat miserably. I’ve at least learned new ways to dress up healthier “desserts” (thanks to your balsamic glaze and roasted pear recipe and others for cookies made with bananas) but the biggest issue has been controlling myself “out in the wild” where bad food is always in your face.

    I’ve never had too much of an issue with exercising, and have been doing well there, but I still haven’t met my goals despite trying for months and I have to assume it’s the sugar addiction since it’s the main thing that hasn’t changed much. It’s hard to keep believing it’s possible, but I think I just need to keep learning new recipes.

    Thanks for making me feel like I’m normal! Hopefully I’ll get to where I want to be.


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