How to Get Motivated

Summary: Knowing is half the battle, doing is the other half. These motivation tips will help with the "doing." (Tweet This!)

There's always been a wide gap between knowing what to do and actually going out and doing it. When I was a young tike, I had G.I. Joe reminding me every day that knowing is half the battle. Whose with me for a 6-second trip down memory lane:

This website, and all the information on the internet in general, can help you win the "knowing" half of the battle.

The problem is usually the "doing" half of the battle. There's limited time, energy, and even willpower to get it all done.

I think half of the "doing" half of the battle is simply to get yourself motivated. If you are mentally engaged to go and know what you want to do, you almost have it done.

To help get and keep me motivated, I've compiled some motivation tips. This way, whenever I need a boost, I can come back here. This is one of the articles on Be Better Now that will get updated over time as I learn new motivation tips and tricks.

Stay Hungry

If you have to work hard every day to put food on the table, you have built-in motivation. On the other hand, if you have $3 million dollars in a trust fund that your Daddy set up for you, perhaps you'd be a little more tempted to kick up your heals and relax a bit.

One way to stay hungry is to...

Make Yourself the Underdog (Even If You Aren't)

Former New England Patriot Rodney Harrison is famous for playing the "no respect" card. It kept him and the defense motivated even as the Patriots dominated opponents for years.

They'd use any and every media sound bite from the other team's locker room to twist it into, "They don't respect us. We'll show them how wrong they are!" When they focused on that, it took attention away from the fact that sometimes the opponents were terrible teams. This prevented any kind of let down.

Motivating Media

I always like to keep a bunch of motivation media around. Here are some of the movies and music and scenes that got me motivated.

Find an Inspirational Speaker

It kills me to write this. Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has put together some great motivational speeches. Here’s an example of one such speech:

(As a side note, I think Ray Lewis is a nut based on some of things he’s said as a broadcaster and his checkered history.)

In a future post we'll get into both music and movies that are inspiring. For now, I'll leave you with Rocky, which is a rare motivating movie with motivating music.

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