Setting Goals for January 2015

Summary: I set my goals for January 2015. At the end of the article, you can see how I did.

Yesterday I explained how I’m setting goals in 2015. Today it's time to actually set those goals.

time to set goals

Let's just dig in with two personal goals and one website goal.

  1. Personal 1: Create a Rough System to Quantify and Track "Successful" Days

    I have an idea of how this going to work. Somewhere on my computer, I have a spreadsheet that I made years ago. The idea was to rate how my day was on certain metrics such as "business", "health", etc. The ratings were completely subjective, but the end result was a "score" that I could use to track progress.

    It seems like a great idea in theory, but in practice it was terrible. I think I used it twice. I couldn't get in the habit.

    I'm now a little wiser now. I think if I simplify the spreadsheet so that it is very easy and only tracks a few data points at the beginning, I can get in the habit. I also have the accountability of setting this goal.

  2. Personal 2: Lose 4 Pounds

    I have a Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi smart scale that keeps track of my weight. I even get a nice little graph. Looking back on that graph over the last week, I averaged a weight of 175.5 pounds.

    My goal for the end of January is to have an average weight over the last week of 171.5 pounds. It isn't the most grandiose of goals, but it would be a good step forward. Big change happens with many small steps.

  3. Be Better Now: Write 7 Guest Posts for Other Blogs

    I could spend months creating the best blog in history, but if I don't let people know about it, what good is it? It's like the tree in the woods falling... it doesn't matter if it makes a sound if no one is there to hear it.

    To get the message out, I'll write 7 guest posts. It doesn't mean that the blogs are going to like them or publish them, but I will have them written. Hopefully if one website doesn't like what I've written or thinks this website stinks another will take it.

    It will take a 2-3 weeks for blog owners to get a feel for the content here, so in the best case scenario, I can see them accepting them and publishing them early February.

Update: Wondering how I did? I reviewed my goals for January 2015 here.

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