Productivity, Organization, and Simplicity

Summary: Don't live a complicated life that is inefficient and constantly full of clutter (Tweet This)

As I mentioned in our Welcome post, one day of most weeks, Be Better Now will cover topics relating to productivity, organization, and simplicity. This is an extremely broad topic... some experts have written many books on the topic. I'll try to boil down all the advice I find and things I learn into the best guide on the Internet.

In many ways the three concepts stack on top of each other. When you live simply, it is easier to be organized. When you are organized, it is easier to be productive. When you are productive you save time and money, two resources that you can apply in other areas of your life, such as getting healthy, spending time with family, or just giving your brain a chance to relax.

This is the synergy concept at the core of Be Better Now. When all the pieces come together, we are at our best.

Here are just a few of the areas that I expect to cover:

  • Digital Clutter - As a technology early adopter, I have hundreds of accounts with websites that I don't use. They all want my attention and access to my email box. Beyond that, my other blog has gotten popular enough that every company with a new product emails me asking for me to promote their product. The digital clutter expands from beyond my email box, to my desktop, and my computer itself.
  • Organize My Home - Each weekend I sigh when we think about the mess. You don't want to see my office desk, trust me. To put it simply, I have acquired things that have no homes. I need to be better at finding homes for these things or getting rid of them. I also need to be better at putting away those things that do have homes.
  • Getting Things Done - At the risk of using David Allen's copyrighted term, I need to find a way to cut through my "To Do" list. I don't think I have ever gotten it halfway completed. I'll do a lot of research on why that is, and what I need to do differently.

Each of these add up to quite a bit of mental strain and add stress to my life. When I should be relaxing and watching a movie, I'm thinking, "Ugh, I really should be doing [Project X]." It's time to slice through that and start being better.

In the end, I simply can't live the life I want to live if it is inefficient, constantly full of clutter, and complex processes that take up precious brain cycles.

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