Setting Goals for February 2015

Summary: I set my goals for February 2015. Can I lose some body fat, track my productivity, and grow this website? We'll find out...

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Most months, I'll be setting my goals before the month starts. I was a little preoccupied with my favorite team preparing to win the Super Bowl. Rather than rush with some crazy goals, I decided to push it back a week.

Let's waste no further time and get right to the goals.

  • Personal 1: Lose 1% of body fat

    Last month, I successfully lost 4 pounds. I've decided to take a cue from Intel's Tick-Tock method of improvement. For those who don't know, Intel's "tick" shrinks of the technology of their previous microarchitecture typically making it more efficient. Their "tock" is a switch to a new microarchitecture altogether.

    I'm not sure if last month's weight loss represents the "tick" or the "tock", but this month's goal lose 1% of body fat.

    I averaged the last 7 days of January and had 20.81% fat according to my Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi smart scale.

    So the plan is to average 19.81% (or lower over the last 7 days of February). It's aggressive. February is a short month and I'm making the goal a week in.

  • Personal 2: Track my Productivity Consistently

    In my article earlier this week, Gamification is Your Key to Self Improvement, I wrote about how I'm trying to roughly quantify different areas of my life that are important to me. I'm doing this almost exclusively with a subjective daily rating.

    Last month, I only tracked 9 of the 31 days. It's okay to miss a few days, but I need to make missing it the exception rather the rule. Once I build the habit to track it consistently, I can focus in on what areas I need to improve on.

  • Be Better Now: Write 3 Guest Posts for Other Blogs

    Lastly, I'm going to revisit my biggest failure of last month. I wanted to write 7 guest posts for other blogs. I ended writing half of one. Instead I made a number of improvements to the website under the hood.

    I'm going to re-roll with the same goal, but make it more manageable.

    "I could spend months creating the best blog in history, but if I don't let people know about it, what good is it? It's like the tree in the woods falling... it doesn't matter if it makes a sound if no one is there to hear it.

    To get the message out, I'll write 3 guest posts. It doesn't mean that the blogs are going to like them or publish them, but I will have them written. Hopefully if one website doesn't like what I've written or thinks this website stinks another will take it.

    It will take a 2-3 weeks for blog owners to get a feel for the content here, so in the best case scenario, I can see them accepting them and publishing them early [March]."

Please check back with me on March 6. We'll see how I did. Better yet, why not join me and set some goals for yourself for the month?

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