Be Better Now’s Focus on Charity

Summary: By being active in Be Better Now, you'll not only improve yourself, but you'll be earning money for charity - (Tweet This)

I've spent the whole week explaining what Be Better Now is about, but today, I'd like to add a little to the fire. I'm going to do something a little crazy. I'm going to donate money to charity for you to read Be Better Now.

What?!?! How Much are You Donating?

It's all up to you. Each month I'm going to pick a charity and donate money based on the traffic and interaction with this website. For every 1,000 visitors, I'll be donating a dollar to the monthly charity. In addition, I'll give a dollar for every 100 RSS subscribers. Lastly, I'll add a dollar for every 50 people on on the mailing list.

So for example, if this website gets 100,000 visitors, has 4,000 RSS Subscribers, and 2,500 on the mailing list, a charity will get $100 (visitors) + $40 (RSS) + $50 (mailing list) or $240 dollars.

Starting out, it probably won't be much. I've told very few people about this website while I work behind the scenes to get it where I want it to be. At the current pace, it might end up being a couple dollars this month.

I don't have a perfect solution for this scenario. I think I'll go with donating a minimum of $25. In addition, I'll put the charity back at the front of the line when monthly numbers regularly start to give $200 in donations.

What Kind of Charities are These?

In general, I'm going to aim to support the big national charities that you've heard of. My reasoning is that few people will complain about a donation to the Red Cross or the American Cancer Society. Some may argue that other charities are more efficient with their money. In time, I'll explore how we can make the most of our charity dollars. I'll be the first to admit that I have a lot of research to do on that topic. In the meantime, hopefully we can agree that we'd like to help people in natural disasters and help end cancer.

Typically, I'll look to tie the charity in with the month. For example, January is National Blood Donor Month. Usually, I'd donate some money to blood banks instead I could find blood banks looking for money. They're out for blood (literally). I'm not sure how to donate a quantity of blood based on visitors and email list subscriptions. I could donate to the National Red Cross, which serves a somewhat similar purpose. However, March is their month, so we'll wait on that until than. Plus, since I haven't marketed this website yet, March stands to be a higher donation.

So what's the plan for the January donation?

I'm going to go in another direction for January. I'm from Boston and lived in New England almost all my life. Bostonians love their sports and with apologies to the Red Sox, the New England Patriots dynasty of more than a decade rightfully takes the center stage. The Patriots are led by Tom Brady who has had an MVP season.

Tom Brady is perhaps the personification of Be Better Now, even though I'm sure he's never spent a minute on the site. I'd have to write a full article to explain why. For now, I'll share his respect, leadership, and competitiveness according to his former teammates. And I'll raise that another level with this article about his insanely detailed health/fitness regimen.


Hard to be better than this Best Buddy

With that said, I'm going to kick things off supporting the same charity he does: Best Buddies. The organization "creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)." The way I see it, my money this month will be going to make one or more people directly happy.

I'd like to think that even a Denver Bronco fan can support that message.

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