How To Be Healthy

Summary: There is a lot of confusion about what's healthy, here's what we know works. (Tweet This)

In case you didn't notice all the articles this week have very general, broad titles. The idea wasn't to present complete solutions, but to come up with a straw man proposal that can evolve over time.

The articles will take their cue from this website: improving a little bit with many tiny steps. Keep doing it long enough, and you won't even recognize what the start looked like.

The Problem with Health

Health is probably the most difficult subject we'll cover at Be Better Now. That's because it is almost impossible to validate health studies.

I'm simply trying to explain how difficult it is going to be write about health and fitness in general. It's as if the deck is stacked against me. There is a haystack of information, and maybe only a needle or two of truth in all of it. I can guarantee that I'll make mistakes and cite some information as being valid when it isn't.

An Attempt at a Guide to Good Health

For all the reasons above, I'm going to try to be a little conservative. I'll stick to ideas that most experts seem to agree on... or ones that just seem to follow clear, obvious logic.

It's almost going to sound too general to be helpful. Over the next few weeks, months, and even years, we'll get a lot more specific. The guide will improve as our research grows.


Skinny Boxer

"That's pure muscle"

There's no better place to start the clear, obvious logic than with exercise. I've never heard an expert say, "Exercise is bad. Stay away from that."

There are different types of exercise. Some are more appropriate for people than others. I don't think my mother is at an age where taking up running is expected. However, there are health benefits for something as simple as walking. I'm not going to teach my 2 year-old son how to do deadlifts, he'll get his exercise from playing.

If it's appropriate for you, I suggest picking up a sport that you love. I'm absolutely terrible at basketball, but I enjoy it. I'm much better at badminton, but I have difficulty finding a partner.

Eat Less Food

This doesn't apply to everyone, but most experts believe that there is an obesity problem in America. Some of that is due to getting less exercise. Some of that has to do with the types of food we eat. Much of it has to do with the quantity of food we eat.

Eat Quality Food

Dinosaur Broccoli Tree

Grrr... Broccoli Tree... Good!

Most experts agree there's a huge difference between eating Ramen Noodles and an apple. It's not exactly rocket science to say that the apple is better. We'll dig into which foods are better choices.

We'll also cover kind of diets are actually scientifically shown to work.

Get Motivated

We'll cover some areas that might be more appropriately put in our Mind section. The key to change in your exercise routine or your diet lies between your ears.

Fire-up that Rocky soundtrack and pound those stairs.

Set (and Accomplish) Your Goals

If you aren't where you want to be with health, it's a good idea to create a plan. Your health journey needs a map. We'll look into how we can learn to set and successfully accomplish our goals.

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Health and Fitness

Summary: Health plays a huge factor in our happiness. Bad health steals our money, productivity and much more (Tweet This)

As I mentioned in our Welcome post, each Thursday I'll be covering topics relating to health and fitness.

Jillian Michaels knows a thing or two about health and fitness

Why dedicate a day of the week of Be Better Now towards health and fitness?

I worked as a pharmacy technician in a hospital for five years. I can tell you it was extremely rare to see a happy person laid up in hospital bed. It is very difficult to be productive when you aren't feeling well. And when you are healthy you avoid the hospital bills which can decimate your money and financial freedom.

What articles can you expect to see on Thursdays? Here are some topics we'll cover:

  • Exercise - Between aerobic and anaerobic exercise, there's a lot to cover here.
  • Nutrition - How can eating smarter get us the body we've always dreamed of? How can we feel just as good on the inside?
  • Longevity - What steps can we take to live longer? Living longer doesn't mean much without a high quality of life and being healthy is part of that.
  • Tools - What can we use to help us succeed in our health goals? There's a ton of technology out there... so much more than we had even ten years ago. Let's see what works and what doesn't.

I'll be the first to admit that this is one area of Be Better Now where I'm furthest from being an expert. I'm going to lean on you, the readers, the most. I'm not a doctor. I'm not in the field of medicine. I have a lot of exposure to the industry. In many ways health care was the family business from when I was born to today.

I'm playing both sides of the ball here. I think I've got a lot of information that can be helpful and may make sense to you. At the same time, please go see your doctor and other specialists like physical trainers and dieticians before embarking on a new workout or diet.

Strap yourself in, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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