Why You’ll Love Be Better Now!

I love to read. I love great ideas.

The problem: The internet is full of more ideas than I have time to read.

For example, I love the website Lifehacker.com. There are so many great tips... often more than a dozen articles a day.

As you can imagine, not every article from all the sites I follow are equally valuable. I find many of little value... and many others are repetitive.

What if someone curated, organized, and boiled down the very best information?

So that's what I do at Be Better Now. I take a topic and try to create the best resource on the internet on it.

That would be difficult enough for more people. However, I wanted to do more.

I respect your time

I try to use as few words as possible. I eliminate complex language and use a simple conversational tone. Before you begin reading an article, I'll give you a quick summary and an estimate of how long

Your participates makes money for charity

Here's how it works. Hint: You can make the most for charity by joining the mailing list and visiting the website every day.

I need you and I know it.

Anyone can just type away in cyberspace. It doesn't mean a thing if there isn't anyone there to read it. I need an audience. I need people to challenge the ideas and the articles to make them better.

Together, we can create a resource that will really make a difference in people's lives.

Who wouldn't love all that?

So let's get started!

The best place to start is with whichever of these topics interesting you the most: Money, Productivity, Mind, Health.

I'll see you there.